Introducing the Volaire 55

The World’s First Self-Adaptive Drone

Robodub’s cutting edge morphing drone technology is redefining the high-performance drone industry. Robodub is the first and only company to deliver an adaptive tethered system and proprietary control algorithms, which enable our drones to alter their motor positions in flight and in real-time for increased agility and safety. Our SmartSlide technology enables the delivery of multiple pages, dynamic packages and tethered payloads. The Volaire 55 is poised to disrupt every sector of the massively growing, high performance drone industry.

Improve Last Mile Delivery With Robodub

The World’s First Self-Adaptive Drone

Avoid Payload Instability and Ensure Rotor Failure Recovery

With Adaptive Tethered Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Not all drones are created equal. Robodub’s patented “morphing” technology is unmatched in the marketplace and delivers the following advantages.

Safe and Reliable

In the Most Challenging Environments

Persistent operation results in significant stress on any vehicle. This is especially true in strenuous environments. In the most stressful environments, the Volaire 55 can:

  • Detect failures—from mechanical stresses to foreign object damage
  • Reconfigure the system to save the vehicle
  • Continue operations during critical missions
  • Make safe and controlled landings in critical missions that save the system and prevent harm to people on the ground

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