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Solving the Last Mile Logistics Problem

Learn how Robodub’s disruptive technology can bring logistics into the 21st Century.

The Safest, Most Efficient Drone on the Market

Not all drones are created equal. Robodub’s patented “morphing” technology is unmatched in the marketplace and delivers the following advantages.


Most drones on the market are only able to deliver one package at a time per flight. Considering the power consumed during take-off, landing and hover, this makes existing solutions inefficient and costly. With Robodub, you save money and accomplish more with fewer drones


Many drones on the market are fraught with safety concerns. Robodub’s patented technology and proprietary flight control software protects against common safety issues. Unlike competitive products, if a rotor fails, Robodub drones will continue to fly and safely reach their destination.


Most drones must operate with the payload in the center, which is a limitation that impacts performance, safety and use. Robodub drones adapt to the payload, offering customers unmatched flexibility and convenience in how they use and load their drones.


Robodub’s Volaire 55 addresses these marketplace limitations  and sets the standard for autonomous drone technology. A fleet of 30 Volaire 55 drones can transport over 10,000 pounds in 10 hours. That’s the same weight as three Honda Civics. How’s that for a day’s work?

A Recognized Leader in Drone Technology

Our innovative technology stands up to the toughest customers in the country and won Robodub admission into the prestigious Airforce Accelerator Program by Techstars. With technology poised to disrupt every sector of the high-performance drone industry, Robodub has proven itself an intellectual property powerhouse and currently holds:

A US Patent

3 European Patents

Proprietary Flight Technology

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